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How to Use Widgets in WordPress

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Beginners Guide on How to Use a Widget In WordPress

What are Widgets?

Widgets are blocks of functionality that can be used to add features to your WordPress blog typically to alter the appearance. Widgets are usually used to add things like Popular Posts, Galleries, Ads, Social Media Links, and Categories to the sidebars, header, and footer areas of your WordPress site.

How to Add a Widget in WordPress?

First you need to navigate to the Widget area by logging into your WordPress admin dashboard. Then click on Appearance, and Widgets to access your Widgets page.

Here you will find a list of available widgets as well as the widgets you currently use. You can use the steps below to add a new widget to your site.

  1. Find the Widget you wish to add, and drag it to the right towards the area you want the Widget to appear.
  2. Instead of dragging, you can also click on the widget you want, select where you want it to go, and then click ‘Add Widget‘. For example, you can add the Archives widget to the Sidebar area on your site similar to the screenshot below.

3.   Be sure to create your settings and make any changes you want before clicking Save, as once you click save, your changes go live on your website.

With those simple steps, you have successfully added a Widget to your WordPress blog. The changes made are now live and you are able to view them on your site.

There is also another option of previewing the changes you want to make with your Widgets before saving them. This can be done using the Live Preview mode.  To access this, you navigate to Appearance on the left sidebar of your WordPress admin dashboard, click Customize, and then Widgets.

Here you will be able to see all the areas on your site where you can add widgets. You can then select that area, for example Right Sidebar, and click ‘Add a Widget’ to make your changes.

How to Remove a Widget in WordPress?

Similar to adding a Widget to your WordPress site, removing a Widget that you no longer need is just as easy.

The first step is to access the Widgets page by navigating to ‘Appearance‘ on the left sidebar of your WordPress admin area, and then clicking ‘Widgets‘.

Once here, you need to identify the Widget you want to remove, click on it to expand it, and then click on the ‘Delete‘ option at the bottom to get this widget removed.  Once removed, it will no longer be visible on your website.



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