Wednesday, October 18

How to Create a Blog Page in WordPress

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The WordPress publishing platform is mostly associated with blogging however WordPress is also used to create a variety of websites including business, corporate, magazine, and even eCommerce sites.  No matter what kind of website you’re operating, adding a Blog section can always prove useful especially when it comes to communicating with your site visitors and/or customers.

This tutorial will show you the easy and simple steps to adding a Blog Page to your WordPress site no matter what type of site it is you own. Once you’ve created a Blog page, you have the option of adding that Blog page link to your navigational menu so that your visitors can access it with no issues.

Steps to Creating a Blog Page in WordPress

  1. After logging into the WordPress Dashboard, click Pages, then click the Add New button (We are going to be creating two new pages).
  2. Enter a title for the first page. We’ll title this ‘Home‘ . On the right side, under the ‘Page Attributes’ section, you will see a ‘Templates‘ option. You can pick the ‘Front Page Template’ and then click Publish.
  3. Then we name the other page ‘Blog‘. This is where your new blog entries will go. Similar to the Home page, we want to pick a page Template for blog under ‘Page Attributes’. The ‘Default’ template is okay for Blog.

  1. Navigate to the Settings option on the left sidebar in the WordPress admin menu, and click ‘Reading‘.
  2.  For the Front Page Displays section at the top, you select the Static Page option.
  3. Under Front Page, ‘Home‘ should be selected.
  4. Under Posts Page, ‘Blog‘ should be selected.
  5. You then scroll down and click the Save Changes button. Your changes should be live on your website for you viewing.

Adding Your Blog Page to the Navigation Menu

It’s only normal that after creating your new Blog Page, you might want to add a link to the Navigation Menu allowing your audience to quickly find your new blog posts.

  1. Navigate to Appearance on the left side bar, and click Menus.
  2. Check the Blog page and click Add to Menu, then click Save Menu at the bottom right.


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