You might be new to WordPress and are probably wondering ‘What Is The Best WordPress Hosting Service’? Well look no further as this list will not only reveals the top WordPress hosts, but it also helps you pick a hosting company based on your needs.

As someone who has been blogging since 2009 with WordPress, I have used BlueHost, HostGator and Media Temple to host my blogs. I can honestly say BlueHost is the best WordPress hosting company especially if you’re a new blogger or have a small website. BlueHost offers a 1-Click WordPress Install, 24/7 Support, 1 Free Domain, and Unlimited Bandwidth for a rather cheap price. If you have a more popular blog, Host Gator and Media Temple are highly recommended.



BlueHost Hosting


BlueHost is ranked #1 on this list of the best WordPress Hosting for many reasons. For starters, they offer Easy WordPress Installation with just a click of a button. But one of the best values of BlueHost is simply the low cost. The Hosting Plans start at $3.95 a month. They also offer excellent 24/7 customer support, but the best part is you also get 1 free domain name if you sign up. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend going with Blue Host if you’re just starting out your blog. The set up is quite easy with the cpanel they provide. The only con with Blue Host is that when your website starts receiving heavy traffic, you will need to move on to a bigger host. The perks are however worth it as you also get a free $100 Bing Ads credit and a $100 Google Adwords coupon. 

HostGator Hosting


HostGator is ranked 2nd because unlike BlueHost, they are able to accommodate bigger websites or blogs with heavier traffic. The pricing is also why this company is awesome. They offer excellent WordPress Hosting deals starting at just $3.96 a month. If you have a website with much heavier traffic, then Host Gator is the way to go. I had a website that got over 1 million visitors and 5 million views each month, and used Host Gator as my host. My hosting fees remained low despite the high traffic, and I must say I had zero complaints with this company. Did I mention they also offer a 99.9% up time guarantee.

DreamHost Hosting


DreamHost is one of the top hosting companies when it comes to shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting. They however also provide VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) and dedicated servers. Cloud hosting is another great service offered by Dream Host. If you’re looking for something more powerful than BlueHost, then DreamHost is perfect for you. Other features include automatic WordPress installment and 30GB of SSD Storage. Their WordPress hosting plans start at $19.95 a month, which includes a Free $100 Google Adwords credit.

MediaTemple Hosting


MediaTemple is an amazing and very reliable hosting company hence why it’s on this list.  I would however recommended this company to you only if you have a blog with lots and lots of traffic. The reason being the prices are a bit on the higher end when compared with a company like HostGator. However, you will definitely get your money’s worth with their terrific and dedicated customer support team. MediaTemple is the real deal as they host a number of big name companies. Their WordPress hosting plans begin at $20 per month.

GoDaddy Hosting


GoDaddy is mostly known for selling domain names and its somewhat outrageous commercials, but most people aren’t aware that they also offer a superb hosting service. Some of the pros of going with GoDaddy is the convenience of having your domain and hosting under the same company. A reliable customer support team is another pro as this is a rather large company. They provide a number of flexible WordPress hosting plans starting at $3.99 a month.